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Bilder från år 2007
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Wild guys 7 weeks

"Kill him, guys!"

Nellie 7 weeks

8 weeks old

Nellie and the vet 

Nypon in bath tub


Only two left...

Nellie in her new home

Rösjön, January 25th Jonathan, Julia´s brother

Coffee break at the January Poodle Walk with 26 poodles

Great Grandma Isa, almost 15

Milou and Lukas

Just married

Julia at The Poodle Special Dog Show - 4th Best Bitch (among 27 bitches)

Isa, 15

Leja, 12

Bina, 10

Elsie, 6

Ebba, 6

Julia, 2

Molly, 10 months

Nellie 6 weeks

February Poodle Walk at the lake

...22 poodles, all sizes, between 4 months and 15 years of age

New toys!

Vacation in Dalarna


...is growing!

10/3 - spring!
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