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Tungels Akvileja - "Leja "
Born 1995

Both bouncy and sweet is little Leja, the mistress’ own watch-dog and first supporter. She does not like to leave her mistress out if sight, as she does not rely on that the mistress can take care of herself.

Leja loves to run, very very fast, and she loves activities – obedience, agility and tracking – as well as sitting in her mistress’ lap watching TV. Among the best things in life is to take a nap together with her mistress - then Leja can relax, knowing exactly where her mistress is!

Leja is a very good mother as well, who loves to take care of all puppies, not only her own ones.

Leja has been competing in Obedience Class I and received a couple of first prices. In the summer 2002 she was shown as a Veteran five times and every time received Best Veteran, and twice BIS 2 Veteran. She is an extremely elegant bitch with many qualities.

Leja’s mother is our own LP Isa Anisette, S33585/92 S, and her father is NordUch LP IntUchSv-89 Super Sonik’s Born-to-Spinoy, "Emil", S30281/85.

She has had two litters, the C-litter in February 1998 and the D-litter in October 1999.

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