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LP Isa Anisette - "Isa"
1992 - 2007

This pretty little dog is Isa - our first poodle - at the age of 10. Isa is grandmother as well as a great grandmother of a whole bunch o lovely poodles.

Cheerful, happy, very social and extremely curious is little Isa – she will always examine what is behind every open door. She loves everyone and is very good at dealing with even the meanest dogs. She is also a clever grandma who trains all puppies with a firm but friendly paw and plays just as well with puppies as with old, grumpy Rottweiler bitches.

Isa is always doing her very best, like an ambitious school-girl, but will never let anyone or anything stress her. She always takes it easy and carries out all her duties with the greatest care.

Isa is also extremely fond of food and knows exactly how to get an extra meal. Although always on a diet, Isa has gained a very becoming weight...

Isa is a very good obedience dog, and has received an obedience diploma. She has been in the show ring as well, at the Swedish Poodle Club´s Stockholm Show in 1993, receiving 1st price in Youth Class and 4th in the Competition Class.

Her mother is NordUch Topscore Visible Talk, "Ruffa", N22751/86 and her father SUch NUch IntUch Gouckas Spencer, "Kurt", S54353/75.

Isa has had two beautiful litters, the A-litter (1995) and the B-litter (1997).


Isa was put to sleep on the 5th of June 2007, aged 15 years, one month and ten days. She was still in good body health but had severe demenia and was in an disordered state for some time.  We miss our Isa very much, but are happy to have had such a darling poodle for so many years.

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