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SUCHTungels Evergreen Ebony - "Ebba"
Born in year 2000

Little Ebba is the lovely daughter of our Bina and FinUch EstCh Such NordV –99 Milamarten Parcival. She is an extremely attractive and agreeable little poodle girl – very "poodly" indeed! She has got a lot of self-confidence and is at the same time independent and sociable – an exceedingly successful combination! 

Ebba is a Swedish Show Champion, she has been Best of Breed several times as well as second Best in Show. She likes to be in the show ring and always presents herself very well. Here is one of her judges´ opinion:

"Wonderful well-proportioned bitch of excellent type. Excellent head and expression. Wonderful dark eyes. Good ears. Well angled in front and rear. Good body. Excellent coat and colour. Moves well with good style."

Ebba has had four litters, our G-, J-, K- and O-litter, with beautiful and lovely puppies, and is the mother of our own sweet champion bitch Julia.

And - best of all - Ebba is a really wonderful little dog, always cheerful and frolic!

Ebba 7 years old

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