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Tungels Balsamin - "Bina"
Born 1997

"Bina the Rascal" is our Pippi Longstocking, a very active little dog who will always invent unexpected funny things and who is good at - among other things - climbing trees and answering the phone.

Bina likes to be the boss of the other dogs in the house, although she is the second youngest one. She is totally fearless and has passed the opening test for rescue dogs – nothing can get her off track! Bina is also very good at agility and she thinks search training is one of the best things in life. She loves all people and thinks that everyone loves her too, which they mostly do. "I am Bina, I am Brown, I am the Best!" A real charmer!

Bina has been presented at one official dog show; in Stockholm 1998, and she received 1st price Junior. A bitch of excellent type and size and with the best of mentalities – a little dog who is as close to The Ideal Dog as any dog could be.

Her mother is our own LP Isa Anisette, S33585/92, and her father is Such Sv-94 Sv-95 IntUch Kimalia Tropical Midnight, S20337/92, also known as "Ramsey".

Bina has had three litters, the E-litter (in May 2000), F-litter (September 2002) and the H-litter (February 2004).

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